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Nicole & Tom

"Tracy with Inked Events was truly INCREDIBLE to work with throughout the entire process. I tried to plan our wedding on my own and after two months decided I really needed help. Tracy stepped in and made it a million times easier and a lot more fun for us! She helped with every step of the way including sending me homework to keep me on track, reminders for upcoming payments due to vendors and more!


The weekend of the wedding I had ZERO STRESS. Literally did not need to worry about one single thing the day of the wedding, I got the enjoy the morning getting ready with my girls and not have to worry if things are being done the way I wanted them. The set-up and everything done that day fully exceeded what I could have ever dreamed of. I would hire Tracy all over again and a million times for my wedding. Sounds dramatic, but truly made my bridal experience and our wedding day more magical than I could have ever wanted. Not to mention they were incredibly fun to have around the during the wedding day. THANK YOU THANK YOU."

~ Omni Mt. Washington Resort, Bretton Woods, NH 

Inked Events NH Wedding Planner

"The Best Experience ..."

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Hannah & Samantha

"We wanted to take a moment to thank Tracy so much for everything she did for our wedding. She helped make it the most perfect day! Even better than we imagined and we are so thankful! We truly would not have been able to pull it off without you and your team!"

~ Church Landing, Meredith, NH

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Image Courtesy of  William Tangorra Photography

Amy & Alex

"Hiring Tracy was one of the absolute best decisions we made during the wedding planning process. When personal circumstances meant we had to move our wedding to a new continent, country, and date four months before we planned to get married, I knew we needed someone special to help us pull it off. Tracy was such a miracle worker! We truly could not have had wedding we did without her. She was so efficient (responding to emails and texts incredibly quickly), patient, and fun, and we never felt the pressure of (re)planning a wedding in a short amount of time. The day itself was flawless and we got to enjoy every second without worrying (even when the reader was stuck in traffic, which we didn't know about until later on - Tracy takes care of it all!)

All we can say is that Tracy is truly a wedding superwoman (such as when I texted her several days after the wedding to ask if she knew where the guest book was - she responded within 20 seconds with the box number and size of the box..!) We're so excited that one of our best friends hired her as well, so we can see her again next year. Thank you for everything Tracy!!! We had the wedding of our dreams."

~ Long Hill Estate, Beverly, MA 

Inked Events NH Wedding Planner
Image Courtesy of  Sarah Jayne  Photography

Erin & Rob

"Tracy was absolutely incredible to work with. She was extremely organized and responsive. She is an absolute expert in her space and all of my vendors said that she was hands down the best wedding planner they had worked with."

~ Boston Yacht Club, Marblehead, MA

Inked Events NH Wedding Planner
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Jen & Kyle

"Tracy is nothing short of amazing! As clients we were slow to respond and indecisive on almost every thing we choose. This did not once waver Tracy’s engagement or resolve on anything. We were needy clients who’s main focus was to throw a wedding where we felt just as much a guest as everyone else. Also keep in mind that we hired Tracy pre-pandemic, and not only was the wedding canceled on numerous occasions, but the first venue went out of business. Tracy was always there to help solve and replan time and time again, she was always friendly and willing to ensure we had the night of our dreams. The biggest thing for us is she never complained, argued or even charged us more, which after planning our wedding 5 times with different vendors and even a different venue would and probably should have been expected. Our wedding would not have been possible without her, not only did the plan she executed meet all of our needs but every aspect of the wedding was in our minds the best we were ever a part of, and for it being our wedding this was nothing short of a dream come true. The vendors she helped us find from the band to the quality of the food not only met but far exceeded any expectations we could have ever hoped for. If you are truly looking for not just a night to remember but the night you have dreamed of, Tracy is not just a great option but in our opinion the only option you should even think about. We can never thank or love her enough for the work she put into creating a loving, breathing version of the wedding anyone dreams of."

~ The Chapel @ West Parish, Commons 1854

Inked Events NH Wedding Planner
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Katie & Jon

"If you are easily stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, etc, getting a wedding planner is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Take it from me, an easily stressed, frustrated, etc person! And with Tracy, I'm being 100% legit when I say you could NOT find a better planner and person!


Not only did Tracy listen to all my ideas, she helped me come to decisions I was unsure about and basically helped me every step of the way, and then some! Things I never would have even thought of - the smaller details when planning a wedding that tend to get over looked - Tracy helpfully reminded me of all it and advised me with everything! 

The meat of this review - because I cannot stress enough how above and beyond this woman has gone for me!  We planned for a 2020 wedding. Everyone in the world can guess how this went - it needed to be rescheduled. I was furloughed, anxious as heck, and when I got the news, I was devastated. Tracy took care of EVERYTHING. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Throughout the day, I would direct everyone to Tracy if they had questions. Most of my wedding party and family had not met her prior. I told them to look for the boss lady with the black shirt that said Inked Events. At the end of the night, as I was talking to friends, Tracy came up once more and I would point her out. And to everyone who I talked to and told about her, they all had the same general comments to make: SHE A BOSS. That lady got sh*t DONE. 


Tracy is a super hero. She's a great choice for a planner. You want to know her super powers. You want to know that your vision - and your day - can be trusted with this woman. That she is worth the money (and if you ask me, she should be paid so much more!!) That she cares and is invested in you and your day.


Tracy is not just a great planner. She is not just a service. And she is not just a woman. She is the BEST planner. She is the BEST service. She is a true friend. She is Super Woman.

~ Garden Gate @ Haley Farm, Sebago, Maine

Inked Events NH Wedding Planner
Image Courtesy of  Trina Dinnar Photography
Briana & Kai

"Better than all the rest..better than anyone! Our wedding song has many purposes! Aside from my amazing husband who is THE best, Tracy at Inked Events is the STANDARD in her field.

Hired prior to the pandemic, we all entered uncharted territory together. Tracy helped us through the thick of it all, remaining ever positive and honest. She stuck by our sides no matter what decision we came to. Like many others, we postponed our wedding and reception about three times. Thankfully, we kept the final date we chose and were lucky to have been able to have the full reception and wedding I always dreamed of.

I have to say I don't remember much from my wedding, because I didn't have to stress about anything. Pandemic aside, I was high on love, beauty, and carefree. I wish that every bride can feel the exact same feelings that I experienced; and they can with Tracy.

You, future bride, can be smart with your money. Weddings are an expense, and having just been married, yah. I get it. However, what I can offer is that the investment into a planner such as Tracy comes with immeasurable return. After all, you won't be planning this again! Life is unpredictable and happens at a rate in which we all are hard pressed to find joy. So, let Inked Events help. It WILL be worth it. You WILL be so thankful and most importantly, you will have the opportunity to experience the happiness that YOU DESERVE!

I am forever grateful to Tracy, and adore her so. With her boundless talent, she gifted us and our families such beautiful memories."

~ Searles Castle, Windham, NH

Inked Events NH Wedding Planner
Image Courtesy of  Jennifer Halla Photography
Inked Events NH Wedding Planner
Jamie & Josh

"Tracy was referred to us by our florist and was BY FAR one of our best decisions. She became part of our family. She made sure everything was absolutely seamless from our first meeting to our last, she made us laugh, she understood our vision, she wanted our wedding day to be beyond perfect and she showed us that every step of the way. If you want any of your dreams to become a reality - call Tracy!"

~ Temple Israel, Portsmouth, NH & Abenaquai Country Club, Rye Beach, NH

Image Courtesy of Patrick McNamara Photography
Inked Events NH Wedding Planner
Image Courtesy of Freebird Photography
Taylor & Kyle

"Real life fairy godmothers....Tracy took my vision and brought it to life to make the most perfect day for my husband and I. From the very beginning of planning, Tracy kept us calm and reassured that everything was handled. She made everything so easy-- from coordinating with vendors, suggesting ideas or vendors that matched our vision, to walk throughs at our venue. She lays everything out from start to finish so there is nothing to worry about. Our wedding day went off without a hitch and that was all thanks to Tracy and the team at Inked Events. We are just so grateful for Tracy and her team. I would highly, highly recommend Inked Events for any event that need to be planned!"

~ Bedford Village Inn, Bedford, NH

Brianna & Jason

"Best wedding planner ever! I can't say enough about Tracy and her team at Inked Events. They were extremely helpful throughout the entire wedding process, being able to recommend vendors, coordinate them all and make our day run like clockwork. We couldn't be happier with the effort their team put forth in making our day unforgettable! If you happen to be in the market for a fun, outgoing and dedicated wedding planner then I would highly recommend looking into Inked Events!"

~ Dell Lea, Chichester, NH

Inked Events NH Wedding Planner
Image Courtesy of APM Photography
Inked Events NH Wedding Planner
Kristen & Matt

"Initially, we didn't think we would need to hire a wedding coordinator, but now that it's all said and done, we laugh at the thought of us trying to pull everything off without Tracy & Leslye. So many of our guests complimented Leslye and her team on their professionalism and ability to keep everything running smooth. Can't thank Inked Events enough for helping our dream wedding become a reality!!"

~ Allrose Farm, Greenfield, NH

Image Courtesy of Sarah Jayne Photography
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