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Let Us Help You Plan Your Next EPIC Event!

We love to plan more than just weddings! We can help you plan any type of event that you can dream up. After all, we’re Planners, we love it all… our motto is, if it’s a party, we can plan it!

~ Social Events ~

Are you thinking of a themed birthday party for your child or maybe even for yourself? Do you want to WOW all your friends and family with a fun, exciting party they will never forget?  Do you want to celebrate the life of your passed loved one? Having a new baby or baby #2+ and thinking of having a baby shower or "sprinkle" to welcome the new bundle of joy into the family?

If you said YES  to any of the above ...  


- We can help you design and plan an epic party your friends and family will be talking about for years to come.


- We take care of the intimate planning details during a very difficult time to help create a celebration of life for your loved one and honor them. 

Inked Events NH Event Planner
Inked Events NH Event Planner New England Event Planner
~ Corporate Events ~

Planning a business/expo conference, employee appreciation retreat/event, staff luncheon or holiday party/open house?

If you answered YES ...

Now, you’re thinking your calendar is already booked with day-to-day appointments and daily tasks you have to do and you're left wondering how you will find the time to research, design and plan an event in the middle of your already busy work day.

That's where we come in!!  We take the pressure off of you!


We help design, build an amazing vendor team and plan an event will show your employees just how important they are to the company. It will give them a feeling of appreciation for all the hard work they do everyday!


We can also help plan an intimate retreat or conference that allows your staff or colleagues to learn, relax and connect with each other.


We work together to create a design that inspires and WOW's your employees. We will plan and execute the event that will allow you to be able to mingle with your colleagues and actually enjoy the event instead of worrying about how the details and logistics are happening behind the scenes. 

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