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About Inked Events

Inked Events is an award winning New England full service wedding and social/corporate event planning company that specializes in Wedding Management, which in the wedding world, you may be more familiar with the term "Day Of Coordination", but honestly, that doesn't really exist since so much more goes into the actual day before the day actually arrives.

We love to help couples from the moment the ring is on your finger or that have already successfully planned their wedding, relax, enjoy & let go of the logistics of the day. We want you to fully enjoy your wedding day and the months/weeks leading up to it without any stress or worry, so you don’t feel overwhelmed on your wedding day.  We want you to be worry-free when you walk down the aisle.

Inked Events NH Wedding Planner
Image Courtesy of Leslie Swan Photography
Inked Events NH Wedding Planner
Image Courtesy of  Black Thumb Studio

The Details

What makes us unique from other wedding planners is we are completely connected to our intuition; which allows us to truly feel and know you on a deeper level. We are able to anticipate your needs because we see the big picture of your wedding day vision without neglecting you or the details. Because of this, our clients get to see everything they planned come together exactly the way they imagined without having to shoulder the burden of coordinating it themselves.

We want you to be fully present in the moment.

Check out the Team who is behind the scenes bringing your vision to life!

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