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What IS the Difference between a Planner, Coordinator & Venue Coordinator

Did you know there really  is a difference between a Wedding Planner, Coordinator & Venue Coordinator?

Inked Events NH Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

She {I’ll use this term to keep it uniform} helps couples from the beginning and will be right by your side throughout the entire planning process. She’s there from the moment you say yes to the proposal until the last guest is leaving on your wedding day. She’ll reach into her vendor list, one she’s built on experience, networking & referrals, to help find the right vendors that fit your budget, style & personality. She’s with you every step of the way to take the stress & concern off your shoulders.


Best known as a Day Of Coordinator, she is slightly different from a Planner. She isn’t with you from the moment you say yes to the proposal or even helping you pick out the vendors, colors or helping with the design your event. She comes in later in the planning process to take the vendors you have chosen, your ideas & vision then implements them as if you did them yourself. She takes care of all the logistics on the day of the wedding, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Depending on when she comes into the planning process, she may give you a referral or two if you need a last minute vendor. As I mentioned, we are similar to a planner since we have built our vendor list through experience, networking & referrals as well. She will also be there for you to answer any questions you have or just be an unbiased second opinion, sounding board & friend.

Venue Coordinator

Simply put, they are in charge of the Venue. Depending on the venue, the staff  may take care of the basic setup of the room, tables, chairs & if you don’t have a Day Of Coordinator, they may set up your personalized details. If the venue is also catering the food service, they are the expert on how their kitchen works. Planners & Day Of Coordinators we will always respect “their house” and we are there to work side by side with the Venue Coordinator to ensure the wedding goes smoothly, so the couple doesn’t have to worry about anything that day.

You may have a Venue Coordinator, but you can also have a Planner or Day Of Coordinator. We will take care of YOU through the whole or partial planning process, not just the day of the wedding. We’re along for the ride with you. On the day of the wedding, we will know the intimate details of your wedding from who the important family members are, any medical conditions and family dynamics that would be a concern to you.


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