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Top 5 Holiday Themes

1. Ski Lodge

Cozy fireplaces, cable knit pillows and birch bars will get you in the mood to sip hot toddies and celebrate the solstice.

2. Candy Land

Step away from the red and green! Our Candy Land decor theme features tons of bright colors and mouth-watering candy props.

3. Winter Glow

Our versatile glow lounge decor can be styled to be sleek and streamlined for an icy wonderland theme, or dark and romantic for your red hot holiday party.

4. Hollywood Glam

Customized step and repeats and Hollywood Stars will make every guest feel like royalty.

5. Gatsby

Sparkling silver and gold Deco furniture adorned with feather accents create a lush and ritzy atmosphere that’s perfect for the season.

Their warehouse is like a candy store for planners & designers, so I’m so excited what else I’m going to see today! It’s so much fun to see all their extraordinary creations and of course, I’m in awe at the talented workers that create it all since it is all handmade in-house. It definitely gets the creative juices flowing after leaving there!


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