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Spring Trends

It’s a new year with new trends. New colors, themes, and lots of new ideas for the upcoming wedding season…first season up, Spring weddings.

One of the first things you start to think about when you are planning a wedding are your colors. So what are some popular colors for this Spring? Neutrals all the way! Light shades of Pinks and Greens are all the rage. One of my favorite color schemes is Navy & Yellow, such a classy look and very springy. Another great, neutral color that is pretty Blush or Rose. Any light color looks great especially paired up with the right complimentary color!

Image courtesy of Jessica Frey Photography

Next is deciding if you’re going to have a theme. There are so many different ideas when it comes to themes, but when it comes to YOUR wedding theme, its best to bring out both your personalities to make it more personalized. For example, if you’re more of the laid back type of person, who loves the warm weather and vacationing, a Beach themed wedding might be a good fit. If you like the Vintage look, a Shabby Chic or Victorian Vintage theme would be right up your alley.

Here’s a few more examples to see what fits your personality:

  1. Barn/Rustic

  2. Sports

  3. Backyard

  4. Modern Vintage

  5. Cherry Blossom

Whichever theme, colors, location or ideas you chose for you’re wedding day, it will be perfect. It will resemble your personality and make you happy & uniquely yours! Your wedding day is all about YOU! ☺


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