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TGIF Signature Cocktail Idea


Thanks to Kevin Le Photography for capturing this gorgeous shot!

So, if you looking for your “something blue” or maybe just a cool looking spring/summer cocktail idea, this could be right up your alley.

Here are my thoughts from the article….

I took my first sip of this and was pleasantly surprised on just how smooth it was! I mean, it looked so pretty in the glass, than to have it live up to the taste, well that just made my day! I’m the kind of martini drinker that likes them more on the “creamy” side, but this one, OH MY, it was so good! It was fruity with a tangy kick at the end. The alcohol taste is not overwhelming at all. You’ll feel like you want to continue to drink & savor it. This will be a drink that won’t go to waste!


  1. 2 oz of Vodka

  2. 1 oz* of Blue Curaco

  3. 1 oz of Lemon Juice

  4. Martini Glass

  5. Ice


  1. Pour all ingredients in shaker

  2. Fill shaker 1/2 way with ice

  3. Shake all ingredients

  4. Pour in martini glass filled with or without ice

*during my research, a comment was posted stating that adding 1 oz of blue curaco instead of the 0.5 oz the recipe calls for, will make it taste & balance it better.


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