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Selecting the Right Musical Entertainment for Your Wedding

Before you choose a DJ or select that perfect band for your wedding celebration, reflect on the thoughts and visions you have for the ceremony, reception and beyond. Specific consideration to your own musical tastes, theme or style of the wedding and of course your budget are critical first thoughts. Once you have that figured out Consider the following:


The type of music you select should complement the intended ambiance of your wedding. For example, if you want a subtle, yet romantic atmosphere, then a harpist or string quartet might be a consideration. Maybe you are having a toes-in-the-sand beach-side wedding where a calypso band would fit right in! Whatever your intention, set the mood with the right kind of music, but remember this is one of the things most people will remember about your reception.


Everyone is there to help you celebrate your big day, but they have expectations too! Carefully review your guest list to better understand who will be in attendance for your wedding. Based on the demographic, you will want to consider the type of music that will keep them entertained and enjoying the festivities. If your affair will be mostly family, with a high number of them being over 50 then the latest alternative rock band may not be the best choice.


There are some very unique spaces which make great venues for your special day. Consider the space you have available to work with. If the space is segmented and chopped up, or if there is not ample space to house a band then a DJ may be the best way to go.


When your wedding guests are multi-generational assume that music requests will be wide and deep. Assuring that a vast selection across genres and time-periods are available. If your attendees are all similar in age and musical taste, then you can consider a music selection more targeted for those expected to be in attendance.



  1. Live music is entertaining, even to non-dancers.

  2. Great bands can bring a lot of energy and excitement to an event


  1. Bands tend to be more expensive than DJs.

  2. Bands are also unable to provide the variety of music you receive with a DJ.

  3. If space is limited it might be tough to squeeze the entire band into one area.



  1. DJs tend to be more budget friendly

  2. DJs come prepared with special requests and can have all your favorite songs in queue.

  3. Charismatic DJs can also act as emcee and keep the event rolling along

  4. DJs require less space for set-up and performance than most bands.


  1. For guests who don’t dance a DJ can be a bit underwhelming

  2. A DJ with little personality, or who fails to click with the vibe of the audience, can bring the event down quickly.


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