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Bridesmaid Gift Idea

Are you wondering what to get your best gals as a little “thank you” for being by your side through the planning process and standing with you as you marry your best friend?

Around here, I’m all about recommending items that can be useful to a person’s daily life and for ladies who do wear makeup, they typically love a great makeup bag! What makes it even more special is when its personalized. It’s a lovely reminder of your friendship and your wedding day.

Our friends at Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique has the perfect one for your gals {maybe even one for you to}, the Maddison Makeup Bag. This bag is just the perfect size, not too small & not too large to handle the essentials. The velvet fabric makes it durable and the pretty tassel adds a bit of fun flair to make it stand out from others. They come in a few color options to choose from for the main bag color:

  1. Pink

  2. Beige

  3. Purple / Lavender

  4. Light Blue

  5. Dark Blue

Then, you can also choose from an array of thread colors for their initials:

  1. White

  2. Sea Foam

  3. Plum

  4. Pastel Pink

  5. Pastel Blue

  6. Oasis Blue

  7. Navy Blue

  8. Lavender

  9. Fuchsia

  10. Coral

  11. Bright Green

  12. Black

  13. Metallic Cooper

  14. Metallic Silver

  15. Metallic Gold

As I like to “see” items that I stand by, I chose the Purple / Lavender {shocking, I know} bag with white lettering.

bridesmaid gift

I love the durability, the size and the fabric texture of it. It’s also a great size for all my makeup essentials!

A bonus this product offers that differs from other websites, is that you can personalize the color and lettering to the person, you don’t have to buy it in bulk all in one color. If you decide not to use your wedding colors, that’s where you can personalize it even more and have each bag made in their favorite color!

If makeup bags aren’t your thing, check out all the other gift ideas they have to offer.


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