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TGIF Signature Cocktail


Now, doesn’t that just look yummy? I can tell you it certainly was! This creamy cocktail was smooth going down. The chocolate orange flavor was just enough to give you that sweet chocolately taste with a little extra zing. We decided to add a Lindt Orange Chocolate truffle to the bottom of the glass, so we got a nice little chocolate treat when we finished!

I honestly picked our signature cocktail pretty much based on the color “orange”. I found three different ideas based on that and this one was the winner! It actually was an unanimous vote on it!


  1. 1 ounce Godiva original chocolate liqueur

  2. 1/2 ounce Godiva white chocolate liqueur (optional)

  3. 1/2 ounce Creme de Cacao

  4. 1/2 ounce Baileys Irish Cream

  5. 1/2 ounce vodka

  6. 1/4 ounce orange liqueur

  7. 1 ounce half-and-half


  1. Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice & shake

  2. Pour into chilled martini glass rimmed with chocolate syrup

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