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TGIF Signature Cocktail

Blushing Diva

I had the pleasure of trying this yummy cocktail this past weekend at the I Do Brunch event I attended. And, boy let me tell you, it is one dangerous drink that can really sneak up on you!! But, it SO GOOD since it was very refreshing & smooth (see why I say it’s dangerous!). This could be my new favorite “go-to” drink for summertime.

It would be perfect for an outdoor summer wedding or event. By taking out the liquor, it could also be made as a non-alcoholic drink for your guests that don’t drink.

Here are the details:

  1. 1 part Vodka (preferably Ciroc)

  2. 1 part Cranberry Juice

  3. 1 part Sprite or Sierra Mist

  4. Splash of Grenadine

  5. Top with Cherries

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