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Let's Be Real .....

Every couple is on a budget, no matter what that budget is, it’s the value you put on the service you’re looking for that makes us or any vendor, invaluable. From my perspective, I know you’ll find a planner who will be less expensive than us, however, what exactly are they doing for YOU. Are you just comparing prices rather than what they are actually doing to help you? There are many planners to choose from and you should choose the one that you most connect with because you'll be spending a whole lot of time with that person.

Planners are a constant, revolving door. At any given moment there is a “new” planner popping up. I wish them the best & hope they truly do make it, however, there is a high probability they won’t be around for long. I've seen a lot come & go because this business isn't as "glamorous" as one may think. It's hard, yet rewarding, work.

Remember the saying “you get what you pay for.” Those “cheaper” vendors may not be around when your wedding day comes around or even have the knowledge to help you plan your wedding appropriately. So, be wise when you start looking for a planner. Make sure they are reputable, been in business for a bit & have a long-term presence known on social media platforms.

When I began this journey, I learned what I didn’t know about weddings and worked extremely hard to get where I am . At first, I wouldn’t take any clients until I felt knowledgeable about what to do for them. And, to this day {years later}, I still continue to learn! I learn something new at every wedding or event. I want our couples to have a seamless, fun and stress-free wedding planning experience. I'm able to provide that because of what I do & how I do it in order to make an event run smoothly. How do I do that? I bring my years of experience, my knowledge, expertise, personality and all the time and effort that goes into each & every wedding prior to the actual day.

I know I’m not the cheapest planner nor am I the most expensive one you’ll find. There are many factors that go into our pricing. Our pricing reflects the hours {yes, I've actually calculated it down to the hour} I put in to create your wedding details, my years of experience, the education I put into myself & the business, my overall business expenses & lastly, the team I built whom have been with me for years.

Most importantly, I bring fun, compassion, trust & a level of comfort that some would consider priceless.

It’s not just “showing up” on the day of.

Within the industry, we as planners are trying to get away from the term “day of” coordination. We will continually educate our peers & potential couples about this term because, honestly, the term doesn't actually exist. What does term even mean? How can anyone just show up to any event without doing their due diligence aka "homework" beforehand? That would be like asking someone to show up on their first day of a new job and expecting them to know how to do everything they've been hired to do without any previous training or knowledge whatsoever. There's so much work that goes into the wedding day prior to the actual day. The actual day is actually the easy part!

We get one shot to get it right, why would you chance it?!

Every service we provide includes wedding day coordination; we happen to call it Wedding Management. The wedding day is the foundation of an event and logistics are my JAM! I literally live & breathe timelines {and, okay, spreadsheets too}. I can see the entire day in my mind as I write the {very detailed} timeline.

Our events run just about flawlessly and as smooth as butter. They do that because I put so much time, effort & love into the pre-planning. It's also why our couples are able to relax & enjoy themselves because they understand that I know their wedding details better than they do. :) It truly allows them to be present in the moments without having to worry if something is being taken care or done.

Wedding season is FINALLY fast approaching & I can’t wait to be back celebrating love again, hugging our couples & vendor friends and doing what I love. I’ll be bringing even more excitement, high, positive energy to a wedding or meeting than I did before {and I already brought a lot of positive energy}!

I will continue to be the calming force & fairy godmother that my current & future clients are looking for & the kind of logistical genius my vendor {and soon-to-be} friends will always count on.

I'm ready to get this party started and I feel this is going to be what the future version of the “roaring 20’s” will look like!!

Are we a good fit for you? If you're looking for a fun, Type A personality, organizational guru kind of planner, check out our services here to see which one better fits your needs.

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